How it Works

We have had a lot of our customers inquire about the shipping methods we use to bring you, the customer, a low price. We are a drop shipping company which means that our online store is a sales channel that connects suppliers to customers. Right now, most of our suppliers are based in China, but we are constantly looking for new suppliers. Moreover, this means that shipping usually takes 12-20 days from the original shipping date for orders to the US. Why so long? Your order leaves a supplier then processes out of customs from the originating country. The item(s) takes usually over a week to reach the US. Once it's here, your item processes through customs at which time you'll be able to track it on USPS's website. For orders outside of the US, we are seeing a typical delivery time of 25-40 days, completely depending on which country you are shipping to. Some countries are not able to receive tracking, not at an affordable price, anyway. We've found that Fedex, DHL, etc usually cost more than the actual product you're buying. In the event you are not in the US and need tracking on the shipping, please email us and we will come up with a solution.

This type unique sales channel allows us to bring great products to our customers at low prices. Our goal at Mockingbird Baby Boutique is to be transparent with our customers and provide great customer service. Please feel free to contact us at for any questions or concerns. 

Thank you!