About Us

We're so glad you're here! I wanted to share with you a little about us. See, Mockingbird Baby Boutique was a vision of mine. I didn't know how I'd create it or if it was even possible in-between being a full-time mom, going to school, and working. I'm a mid 20s mom living in beautiful Florida. I'm an accounting graduate and currently working on my MBA and CPA. After visiting many baby boutiques, both online and in-store, I was frustrated with the lack of choices and prices. What we've created here is unique. At this moment, we're primarily a drop-shipping based company. That means that we, for the most-part, do not hold inventory. We order it on an as-needed basis. Our cost savings from not having a warehouse and huge overhead saves you money as a consumer. We are constantly improving things around here. Our constant search always looking for new products to add to our line-up. We always welcome feedback that you have. Thanks for trusting us with your baby needs!


-Jordan Marshall

P.S.- Check out my precious babies, Avery (4 years) & Ben (3 months)